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this images show the world with both physical commerce and electronic commerce aka Ecommerce

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AI based

very easy to upload Products using WhatsApp ECommerce by sending product image  | Phygito

AI based

Through Whatsapp ECommerce , order process get ease , auto browsing and auto checkout ease the procces.


sale products using WhatsApp Ecommerce uing manula take over

Products uploaded once are automatically available on all platforms

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Graphics used to show Grow graph for business with  Free Admin App | Free Own Website | Free iOS App | Free Android | Free Social Market | Free Whatsapp Chatbot

Introducing Whatsapp PoS

Onboard any In-Store customer to start
AI based shopping directly on Whatsapp

Now connect in store or Local customer with ecommerce through whatsapp

Security and Compliance Without Compromise

WhatsApp Ecommerce with Data Security.

Your Security is Our Responsibility. We use the top most Enterprise-grade security to keep your data safe. phygito gives you the power to secure, analyze, and govern your data by centralizing it into your data infrastructure.

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